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Consultants in Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development (HRD) Consulting
Lind & Associates offers human resource development consulting services. For individuals, we provide personality and emotional intelligence assessment, individual development plans, and one-on-one coaching.  For teams, we offer team assessments, team building, facilitation, and coaching.

Individual & Team Assessments
Lind & Associates offers assessments for both individuals and teams. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Reuven Bar-On EQ-i (Emotional Quotient Inventory) are just two of the instruments we are certified to administer. The well-known MBTI provides a useful measure of personality preferences and a tool to help understand the differences in people.  The EQ-i accurately assesses the skills that make up a person's emotional and social intelligence.  Today, emotional intelligence has become a better predictor of success in organizations than either relevant previous experience or high IQ.

Team Building
Our firm can help improve the morale and productivity in your organization with team building services. For organizations wanting to enhance interpersonal communication and teamwork, we offer Team Cuisine, a unique way to build teams in a culinary setting. In the Team Cuisine environment, the team comes together in a powerful program that helps them learn more about themselves, their team members, and how to grow as a team.  The team leaves with an action plan to strengthen their effectiveness.  Other team building programs can be custom designed to meet specific needs and objectives.

Customer Care Training
Your organization's Customer Care and image are of paramount importance in today's service environment. Lind & Associates, partnering with the Customer Care Institute, can provide training designed to assist and further develop your organizations customer care professionals.  Front Line, Supervisory and Management training plus certification programs are offered. Typical workshops include: Driving Exceptional Customer Service through Communication, Building Lasting Relationships: The Loyalty Effect, Front Line Customer Care Skills Training, Team Leader Training, and Customer Care Manager Certification.

Click on the book cover for "Talk that matters" “What a fantastic book!  I found it to be filled with wisdom and wonderful stories. More importantly, the book contains practical exercises and self-assessments that will reinforce the learning and help any reader become a better communicator.

Brent Darnell, Author, “The People-Profit Connections: How Emotional Intelligence Can Maximize People Skills and Maximize Your Profits”

Click on the logo to visit Team CuisineDesigned for fun and interaction, Team Cuisine offers a relaxed setting for teams to explore communication and collaboration. The Team Cuisine venue brings team members together in a program that helps them learn more about themselves, other individuals on the team, and best of all, how to grow as a team. Come join us for a day of cooking to create an award-winning recipe for your team.

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